Cisco student working on computer

21st Century Tech Skills

  • This program focuses on learning computer programming and designing in a 3-D environment. It also utilizes the 21st Century Learning Skills. Students complete project-based units in game development, web development, computer science, electronics, and 3-D Design. This program includes an introduction to technological concepts like single-board computers as well as robotics projects.

AM Units of Study

    • Game mod development
    • HTML 5 and CSS3 programming
    • JavaScript and Python programming
    • Electronic
    • Arduino IDE
    • Introductory robotics
    • Problem-solving methods and strategies
    • Mindfulness 

PM Units of Study

    • 3D modeling software
    • CAD software
    • Rendering and troubleshooting printing processes
    • Electronics
    • Single-board computers
    • Robotics concepts
    • Problem-solving methods and strategies
    • Mindfulness
    • Potential Work-based learning hours = 40

Characteristics for Student Success

    • Students who have a passion for computer technology and coding are encouraged to join this program.
    • Self-directed learners who take initiative and responsibility for their own learning will thrive in this program.
    • Collaboration skills are essential for success in this program, as students will work in teams to complete projects and solve problems.
    • Independent work skills are also important, as students will need to work on individual projects and assignments.
    • Students will have the opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills by tackling complex coding challenges and troubleshooting errors.
    • Perseverance skills are critical in this program, as students will encounter obstacles and setbacks that require resilience and determination to overcome.