G.I.V.E. - Group Introductory Volunteer Experiences

  • Shelley's Closet Clothing Bank

    Location: Creekside School, various community locations
    Ages: 18–21
    Environment: Enclosed classroom, busy hallways, school transportation, and integration into the community
    Directions: Written, visual, and verbal, single to multiple step
    Class Length: 30-60 minutes (not including community travel time)

  • Description

    GIVE is a center-based and community-based volunteer experience for transition age students. Students contribute in meaningful ways to both the school community and the Rochester community by participating as volunteers in a variety of settings. Students gain a sense of themselves as contributing members of the community. Emphasis is placed on sharing one’s talents with others as a self-esteem building exercise. Students are encouraged to participate at whatever level they feel comfortable while also having opportunities to grow their soft skills in a supported environment. Volunteer experiences within the community are a reflection of possible volunteer activities that our young adults might encounter in adult programming.

  • Tasks

    • Sign in and out of volunteer placements
    • Evaluate clothing donations
    • Wash and dry clothing
    • Fold clothing and sort by gender and size
    • Shelve or hang clothing on racks
    • Sort clothing by season
    • Cutting
    • Taping
    • Affixing labels and assembling mailings
    • Spot cleaning shoes and backpacks
    • Baking, frosting and decorating birthday cakes
    • Baking cookies for sale
    • Cooking soups
    • Assembling egg sandwiches
  • Skills

    • Safety in the community
    • Bus etiquette
    • Ask for help when appropriate
    • Listen to verbal instructions and follow them
    • Punctuality and reliability
    • Patience and waiting for instructions
    • Respect and caring for others
    • Listen to and follow directions
    • Personal hygiene and appropriate community attire
    • Communication with community members
    • Trying when something is new and/or difficult
    • Working with one’s peers toward a common goal
    • Interpersonal awareness