What is Not Aidable by CoSer

  • The following events/items/activities are not aidable by the AIE CoSer:

    1. Absolutely no travel, hotel or food can be run through the AIE CoSer. If you take students to an event in which dinner is included, the cost of food must be separated out-admission can still be paid, but nothing involving extra expenses.

    2. Activities that should be run through Exploratory Enrichment CoSer such as the zoo or a history museum cannot be run through AIE unless a lesson plan justifies the activity be run through AIE.  For example, Maid of the Mist, Anti-Drug Assemblies, Skating rinks, Baseball Hall of Fame.

    3. Only trips in the USA or Canada are allowed.

    4. Individual teacher dues to professional organizations may not be run through the CoSer.

    5. Music/Band competitions out of state are currently not allowed.  If you have a request for this type of event, please call the School Library System at 249-7219 to confirm it is not allowable.

    6. Please see Service Fee page for more information about the new administration fees applied to all events run through BOCES.