Celebrities in the Schools (CIS)

What is CIS?

  • Celebrities in the Schools is a program which provides a variety of authors, illustrators and storytellers for school visits.  These visits are designed to foster literacy initiatives and an enjoyment of literature.  The presentations range from large assembly settings to individual classroom visits.  District representatives that subscribe to the service recommend authors each spring for the upcoming school year.

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Celebrity in the Schools (CIS) Request Procedure

    1. Determine that district has signed up for the Arts in Education service (CoSer Information)

    2. Contact Wendy Petry (383-6623) to establish a date, time and cost of the visiting author or illustrator.  Wendy will make a hotel reservation for the author, if necessary.

    3. Complete BOCES Arts in Education - CIS Request Form (type and print out) with the required signatures. (Note: If type & print feature does not work, please upgrade to the most current version of Adobe Reader.)

    4. Submit completed BOCES Arts in Education - CIS Request Form to district purchasing agent and request a PO to be made out to Monroe #1 BOCES for event at least 12 weeks in advance of scheduled visit.

    5. District Business Office purchasing agent creates a PO with the following:
      • contact person (Librarian requesting author or illustrator)
      • district and school name
      • author/illustrator name
      • date of author/illustrator visit
      • author/illustrator honorarium (fee)
      • Service Fee (Please include the 15% Monroe #1 BOCES service fee—for an explanation of 15% fee please see Service Fee Explanation)

    6. Send completed Arts in Education -CIS form with PO to:

      Attn: Wendy Petry
      Monroe #1 BOCES
      Technology Services
      11 Linden Park
      Rochester, New York  14625

      Or via email to: wendy_petry@boces.monroe.edu 

    7. Monroe #1 BOCES sends contract to author/illustrator detailing booking arrangements

    8. Monroe #1 BOCES will make out honorarium check to the author and send to school librarian to be presented to author at time of performance.

    9. Visiting author sends additional expense receipts (mileage, meals, airfare, train fare, taxi, baggage, etc) to Monroe #1 BOCES (attn: Wendy Petry, see address above)

    10. Monroe #1 BOCES processes additional expense payments to author in the form of a check.

    11. Monroe #1 BOCES bills the district for: author honorarium, hotel and additional expenses.

    12. After event concludes, Monroe #1 BOCES sends evaluation to person who requested event/program for feedback to determine instructional effectiveness and alignment to curriculum and standards.  District can access form through this link: Author/Illustrator Evaluation Form for Celebrities in the Schools

    Program Evaluation Form