BOCES Exploratory Enrichment (BEE)

What is BEE?

  • BEE is a new CoSer created by Monroe #1 BOCES to fill a need for events that support academic standards outside the realm of the NYS Arts Standards. This includes experts and institutions with focus on Mathematics, Science, and History Standards, as well as Environmental, Career Development, Health and Character Education learning outcomes.

    Monroe #1 BOCES will provide opportunities for students to participate in shared learning experiences, focusing on NYS academic and/or occupational standards, excluding the Arts in Education Co-Ser. Program activities will take place in district facilities, at Monroe #1 BOCES, or at out-of-district facilities, such as universities and colleges, museums, libraries, historic sites, estates, zoos, and gardens.

    All program request made through BEE must be aligned to New York State Academic Standards. And a minimum of 2 district participation is required to receive aid.  To view a listing of current events that are shared or need a partner, please visit the BEE Shared Event Listing page.

More Information

BOCES Exploratory Enrichment (BEE) Purchase Order Process

    1. Determine that district has signed up for the BOCES Exploratory Enrichment service (CoSer Information)

    2. Contact program or event (e.g. Zoo, Stone Tolan House, Genesee Country Museum, etc) to investigate program and alignment to standards.

    3. Establish, date, time and cost and make the event reservation.

    4. Complete BOCES Exploratory Enrichment—BEE Request Form (type and print out) with the required signatures. (Note: If type & print feature does not work, please upgrade to the most current version of Adobe Reader.)

    5. Submit completed BOCES Exploratory Enrichment—BEE Request Form to district purchasing agent and request a PO to be made out to Monroe #1 BOCES for event. We encourage you to submit all paperwork to Monroe #1 BOCES 3–4 weeks in advance of your scheduled event. NOTES: PO needs to be created in the full amount (some vendors require a deposit with reservation).

    6. District Business Office purchasing agent creates a PO with the following:
      • contact person (teacher requesting event/program)
      • vendor SS# or Federal Tax ID#
      • grade level
      • site location name - including "point of contact name, phone number, email"
      • date of visit
      • full price (Please include the 15% Monroe #1 BOCES administrative fee—for an explanation of 15% fee, please see Service Fee Explanation)

    7. Send completed BOCES Exploratory Enrichment - BEE Form with PO to:

      Attn: Wendy Petry
      Monroe #1 BOCES
      Technology Services
      11 Linden Park
      Rochester, New York  14625

      Or via email to: 

    8. Monroe #1 BOCES creates a PO and sends to vendor - with respective information from district

    9. Invoice sent to Monroe #1 BOCES

    10. Monroe #1 BOCES charges the district (with any administrative fee included)

    11. After event concludes, Monroe #1 BOCES sends evaluation to person who requested event/program for feedback to determine instructional effectiveness and connection to curriculum and standards.