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  • Annual Teen Book Festival

    For over 10 years teens have come together to meet their favorite authors.  The Teen Book Festival is a free event in which teens can attend chats with authors, have books signed, and share with each other.  For more information, visit the Teen Book Festival website at

    Teaching Science and Technology through the Arts By: Maria Driscoll McMahon

    The Effect of Electronics on Art
    A fascinating panel discussion called The Effect of Electronics on Art took place at the State of the Art Gallery in Ithaca, NY recently during which three regional artists delineated some of the ways technology has revolutionized the way they, and many other artists, make art. Of course, the way art is made has vast implications for the way art is or will be taught in our schools. Artists/panelists included John Criscitello from Ithaca, NY; GST BOCES Arts in Education artist, Rhonda Morton from Corning; and Tammy Renée Brackett of Alfred, NY.   For each one of these singular artists, technology—be it a computer, a camera or a telephone—is considered to be a tool for creating, promoting and disseminating art. It is a tool just as paint and pencils are tools. For each of these artists, the content and the artistic merit of the piece comes first; in some instances, however, it is difficult to separate the tool from the content as the insinuation of technology in every aspect of our lives has a myriad of socio-political implications in and of itself.