Rafe Martin—Local

Rafe Martin—LocalRafe Martin

$700/1 performance a day; $1,200/2 performances a day; $1,500/3 performances a day with no expenses.

Virtual visits are $350 for one performance; $600/2; and $750/3.

Author designs each presentation for specific grade levels, telling age-appropriate stories and sharing a vision of language, writing, creativity and imagination. Rafe leaves students with an awareness of their power to create. Workshops are on writing and developing writing skills; and the art of storytelling—how to make told stories live. Among his many books are The Banyan Deer:  A Parable of Courage and Compassion; The Rough-Face Girl (ages 8+); The World Before This One (Gr. 3–7) of 14 Seneca Tales woven together; and a coming-of-age novel, Birdwing (Gr.7+).

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Grades K–12