Amy Ludwig VanDerwater—Local

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater—Local

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater$2,000/day all-inclusive for 4 presentations, Writing residencies from two days to a week in length, with a mix of assemblies and writing workshops.

Virtual visits are $500 per 45-60 minute presentation from Gratitude the Writing  Shed.

Author of poetry and children's books Forest Has a Song (Gr. 1-4), Read! Read! Read! (K- Gr. 5); her latest, The Sound of Kindness (K-Gr. 3); With My Hands (K-Gr. 2); Write!, Write! Write!; If This Bird Had Pockets  (Gr. 1-2), as well as picture books Every Day Birds;  Dreaming of You (Pre-K-Gr. 2); and That Missing Feeling (Gr. 1-2).  Amy has taught writing for 20 years, is author of Poems Are Teachers: How Studying Poetry Strengthens Writing in All Genres, and blogs at The Poem Farm, and Sharing Our Notebooks.  Her interactive presentations are on making something from nothing, joyfully persisting through the writing process, discovering treasures in nature, and working toward dreams. 

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Grades K–8