Charles Waters

Charles Waters

$2,000 for three programs; $500 for a 4th session, plus expenses.  Additional cost if Irene Latham is included.

Virtual visits are $300 for 30-minutes, or $450 for a 45-minute presentation. Charles Waters

Poet and educator, Charles' workshops help students build confidence.   Core Class 1 – Writing Exercises (Scribble Away!) using metaphors and similes, plus haikus and senryus.  Students create  poems learning about structure, point of view and tone analysis.  Core Class 3 – Performance Points (From the Page to the Stage!) identifies traits of an effective performance, voice projection and connecting to your audience, using the poem "When I See Your Face."

The new middle-grade novel in verse (with Traci Sorrell), Mascot, looks at different views of a mascot some see as racist.  He has co-written with Irene Latham, new release African Town (Gr 7+), historical fiction-in-verse of the last ship of enslaved Africans; Dictionary for a Better World: Poems, Quotes, and Anecdotes from A to Z for middle grade readers; Can I Touch Your Hair: Poems of Race, Mistakes and Friendship (Gr. 3-7); and Be a Bridge (PreK-3).

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Elementary through High School