Ted Baumhauer, Ed.D. – Local

Ted Baumhauer, Ed.D.—Local

Ted Baumhauer, Ed.D.

$750/day with no expenses. 

Award-winning juggler and performer, Ted is the author of Little Blue Penguins: Tales for Making the Transition to Leadership.  He explores the myths and adds insight into the essential skills of leading, being on a team and solving problems that will make you more valuable wherever your career takes you.  Ted weaves stories from his book along with interactive games and skills, such as juggling, ball spinning, and slackline walking.  Additional topics can include:  How to Become One of the World’s Best, and Finding Your Own Stories.  Ted performs as Red Tie Variety.  He has 30 years of training and organizational consulting experience, is a former career counselor at The University of Vermont, and was a founding member of Flower City Vaudeville.

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Grades 8–12