Leslie C. Youngblood—Local

Leslie C. Youngblood—Local 

Leslie C. Youngblood

$1,200 each for 1-2 presentations, or $3,300 for 3 presentations in one day, usually all-inclusive.  This includes a 45-minute program, plus 15-minutes of Q&A, and a book signing.

Virtual visits are $800 per presentation.  Leslie is flexible on some of her rates.

Leslie is the author of Love Like Sky, portraying the lives of children and adults in blended families, and Forever This Summer (Gr. 3-7), expanding on family, identity and learning to stand up for what’s right.  Her recent eBook is Leslie’s Info. & Tips with writing tips and lessons learned from her journey.

Her programs include How I became a writer; How novels are created; What is a writing process?; You can tell a story; Writing about your emotions; Diversity in Storytelling, plus Motivational Topics, such as Overcoming Obstacles and Rejection, and Writing about your day.

Leslie C. Youngblood’s website

Grades 3-7

Leslie is unavailable Sept. 21-25 and May 17-22.