Dental Insurance

  • There are two (2) types of dental coverage:

    • Single Plan-Employee only
    • Family Plan

    Dental Information

    • Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the dental coverage offered by BOCES.

    • The dental plan is a Closed Plan—meaning you must join within 30 days following your first day of work, or you may not have another opportunity to join.

    • Dental Insurance premiums are included on your Benefit Summaries.

    • Only Single or Family coverage is offered.

    • Children are covered up to age 26.

    • Dental coverages Do coordinate well! Having two dental plans is worth considering.

    • With a Participating Dentist, the plan pays 100% of cleanings, checkups and x-rays, and 50-60% of restorative care, such as fillings, root canals and bridge work.

    • To avoid an unexpected bill, it is recommended that employees obtain a pretreatment estimate for an extensive procedure.

    • Claim forms (if needed) are available in the Human Resources Office and on this page (below).

    • Deductions for Dental are taken on the second pay of each month. Deductions for July and August are taken on the last check of June.

For New or Current Employees: