Health Insurance

  • Types of Medical Coverage

    There are four (4) types of medical coverage:

    • Single Plan—Self
    • Sponsor Plan—Self and 1 person
    • Family Plan—Self and spouse and child(ren)
    • Head/House—Self and 2+ children

    Dependents can be covered up to age 26.

    Medical Plans Available:

    The plans listed are HMOs so you must select a primary care doctor when enrolling:

    • RASHP 2 Extended—($5 copay), $10 for specialists

    • RASHP 2 Select ($15 copay)—This plan includes a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) bank plan. Please refer to your union contract for the exact amount contained in the HRA.

    • RASHP 2 Value ($20 copay)—This plan also includes the HRA. Again, please refer to your union contract.

    Monroe One also offers a High deductible called RASHP 2 HDHP:

    • $0 payroll deduction for employees
    • National PPO network of providers (may live or use plan anywhere)
    • Preventative care services covered in full
    • Employee pays 100% medical and Rx costs until the annual Deductible is met (Deductible is $1800/single or $3600/family)
    • Employee pays 10% of expenses after Deductible is met (copay for Rx services after Deductible is met ($5/$35/$70))
    • Excellus pays 100% of covered services after Out of Pocket Maximum is reached (Out of Pocket Maximum is $3600/single or $7200/family
    • Deductible starts over each January 1st

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