Direct Deposit and Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Monroe One strongly encourages all of our employees to sign up for Direct Deposit with a bank for their pay. Also, WinCapWeb can provide all of your pay information that you would see on a live paycheck or Direct Deposit Notice, so we recommend selecting the Employee Self-Service option not to receive the Direct Deposit Notice and “go green” once your Direct Deposit has started.

Direct Deposit

  • As a new employee, you were given the opportunity to sign up for Direct Deposit when you completed your Payroll Paperwork. If you have decided after doing that paperwork that you want to sign up, you need to:

    1. Complete a Direct Deposit Form (available on Frontline).

    2. Attach a voided check or bank verification, and send the information to Payroll. They are unable to process without this!
  • Pre-Note Process

    When setting up Direct Deposit, any new accounts need to go through a pre-note process with your bank.  This means your first check after we process your direct deposit will be a “live” check. Your following check will be direct deposited into your bank account.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

  • In WinCapWeb, you can click "Employee Self-Service," then "My Paychecks" to display all of your current and past paycheck information for you to view or print.

    You can save paper and opt out of receiving your Direct Deposit Notice printed! To set this up:

    1. Log into WinCapWeb.
    2. Click on the Employee Self-Service tab, and then select “My Paycheck Printing Elections” from the left-hand side.
    3. Use the dropdown box next to “Change Printing Election” and select “Do Not Print Direct Deposit Notices." 
    4. Next, click on the box stating “I understand that I am changing my Paycheck Printing Elections”. Then click “Submit” and you are all done. No more pesky pieces of paper!

    This printing feature can be turned back on to resume printing of your Direct Deposit stub. Remember, you can access your past stubs under “My Paychecks."