WinCapWeb Modules

  • You can find the following information on WinCapWeb:

    Employee Self Service

    • My Attendance Balances:
      View a summary of your Attendance Balances

    • My Leave Requests:
      View and submit Leave Requests

    • My Attendance Activity:
      View your Attendance Activity Detail

    • My Paychecks:
      View a summary or a detailed view of your Paychecks; Print individual Paycheck stubs

    • My Year to Date Totals:
      View your year to date payroll totals

    • My Employee Demographics:
      View the demographic information that your organization has on file

    • My Paycheck Printing Elections:
      View and update your Paycheck Printing Elections


    Professional Development

    Professional Development Management and On-Line Registration

    • Define and schedule PD activities, publish course catalogs, manage class enrollment

    • Employees register on-line and monitor personal progress in meeting contractual and re-certification PD requirements

    • Earned PD credits become part of employee H/R records in WinCap and generate appropriate payroll transactions, stipends, or salary schedule placement



    • Electronically validates time worked

    • Fully integrates and reconciles employee attendance/absences

    • Increases accuracy and efficiency by electronically creating payroll transactions from timesheet data

    • Flexible multi-level approval process


    Payroll Vouchers (certain departments)

    • Submit and track claims for work duties and stipends not based on your  hourly or 
      per diem rate
      • Per-Event or Per-Session Pay—Curriculum Writing, Study Groups, In-service Training, Mentoring, Workshops, etc.

    • Full electronic approval process-no paper!

    • Creates payroll transactions from the approved vouchers