• Time and Attendance Procedures


    WinCapWeb is BOCES’ Time and Attendance system that has been in place since 2010.

    • Every employee is required to punch IN and OUT at the start and end of their work day as verification of time worked.

    • You do not need to punch in and out for lunch.

    Time and Attendance

    Following an audit completed by the NYS Comptroller’s Office, Monroe One was cited for not maintaining attendance records and actual time worked for its employees.  It was also reported that there is no uniform process for submitting sick or vacation leave requests.  The NYS Comptroller’s Office made the following recommendations:

    “The Board should require that accurate leave records are maintained for all employees who are eligible to earn leave, and that these records are regularly reconciled to the employees’ time sheets.”

    “The Board should require that all employees and appointed Officials maintain suitable time sheets, signed by designated department supervisors.  Appropriate managers should review the time sheets and submit them to the Payroll Department before payment is made.”

    As a result of this audit BOCES has begun utilizing the WinCapWeb Time and Attendance System to create electronic timesheets that verify our actual time worked, our attendance, and gives our supervisors the ability to authorize their employees’ time and attendance each pay period.  All Monroe One employees use this Time and Attendance system.

    Using the Timeclocks:

    1. Punch In:
      press IN button, enter your Emp No., press Enter button.

    2. Punch Out:
      press F4 button, enter your Emp No., press Enter button.

    3. Wait until you get the message “Punch Accepted.”

    4. If the punch doesn’t register, you’ll get the message “Transaction ID Refused”:
      • Try again. If you are still getting the message, write down the information on sheet by the clock.