Optional Insurance Products

New York Life Insurance Offering

  • Employees can pay for a whole life insurance policy through New York Life if you sign up within 30 days of hire or at Open Enrollment. To learn more or sign up you must contact: 

    Melissa Siesto

Aflac Insurance Products

  • Monroe One is exempt from New York State Disability. Therefore, you have the option of purchasing disability insurance through AFLAC along with several other options of insurance.

    • Sign up needs to be within 30 days of hire, or there is also an open enrollment in November each year.

    • AFLAC offers Short Term Disability, Personal Accident, Cancer Care, and Sickness/Hospital coverages (learn more in the files below). 

    • This information is an overview of coverages that are available to you. Please meet with the AFLAC agent to get specific information on each plan and the costs.

    • Should you set up a plan, your contract is between AFLAC and yourself; Monroe One only deducts the cost of the plan from your paycheck. 

Long Term Disability

  • Some bargaining units may also offer Long Term Disability, so contact your union rep if you are interested.