Legal Absences

  • For cancer screenings you are able to leave and return following your appointment or you can schedule the appointment for immediately before or after your work day. A receipt is required for a Legal Absence. Once this is received, your sick time will be converted to a Legal Absence and not deducted from your Sick bank.

    For Cancer Screenings:

    • Up to four hours is paid leave and will not be charged to your sick, personal or vacation time as long as it is within your regular work schedule.
    • This four hour leave is not cumulative, if you do not use the full four hours you do not get additional time on another day, nor are you able to use it as flex time.
    • If follow up appointments are needed after the initial screening, sick, personal or vacation time would need to be used.
    • Travel time is included in this four hour screening. Absence beyond the four hour allowance will be charged to your sick, personal or vacation time.
    • No compensatory time is given for time taken outside your work schedule.

Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act