Paycheck Distribution

    • Paychecks are distributed semi-monthly on the 15th and 30th of the month. 

    • Live checks are mailed on payday to employees’ home addresses on file with the Payroll Department.

    • Please check your email for monthly HR Bulletins for information on payroll, benefits, and other important information on deadlines.

    • Please verify that your personal information is correct on your first pay check.

    • 10 and 11-month employees have the option of a 20 or 24 pay schedule, if they have not yet received a salaried pay check. 11-month employees need to complete the form by June 15th for the July payroll.

24 Pay Selection for Ten and Eleven Month Employees

  • IRS Regulation, Section 409A allows Monroe One employees to elect to have their salary to be paid over the school year as if being paid over a 12 month period through deferred compensation. This means that your salary will be divided over 24 pays, reducing the amount you receive each pay period until June 30th, at which time you’ll receive your regular pay check, PLUS 4 checks (if 10 month) or PLUS 2 checks (if eleven month). You will not be required to pay additional income tax by choosing this option.

    • Once the election is chosen, it is irrevocable after you have been paid in the school.

    • Section 409A further allows that this selection will remain in effect until written notice to cancel is received for the following school year. Cancellation must be received before the beginning of the next school year.

    • If you were hired after the beginning of the school year, your 24 Pay will be pro-rated.

    The 24 Pay Selection is available on Frontline.