Workplace Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

  • Any time that an employee is injured during the workday, the injury needs to be reported immediately to a Monroe #1 BOCES School Nurse. If the employee’s place of work is not a location that houses a Monroe #1 BOCES School Nurse, the employee is to call the Creekside Nurse’s Office at 585-383-6416. (Employees at the Linden Ave. campus also have the option to visit the School Nurse at Bird/Morgan.)

    1. School Nurse completes an Accident Report electronically, based on information provided by the injured employee.

    2. Human Resources receives an electronic notification that a new Accident Report has been completed.

    3. Human Resources reviews the accident report and emails a copy to the injured employee (Monroe #1 BOCES email address), as well as the employee’s supervisor and the clerical staff supporting that department.  

    If the employee does not need to seek medical attention and does not need to miss any work due to the injury, this is the end of the process. A Workers’ Compensation case is not opened.

    If the employee misses work or seeks medical attention due to a workplace injury:

    1. Employee needs to immediately inform Human Resources if they have sought medical attention and/or that they are unable to work as a result of the injury. This notification is to occur via email sent to the Workers’ Compensation mailbox at:

    2. Employee is not to report back to work until they have received notification from Human Resources that they are cleared to do so. Human Resources will make the department aware of this. Departments are not to allow the employee to return to work without clearance from Human Resources.

    3. Human Resources will complete the appropriate paperwork to begin a Workers’ Compensation case. Our Workers' Compensation cases are managed through Monroe 2 BOCES.  An examiner from Monroe 2 BOCES will provide Human Resources with a claim number and will begin having interactions directly with the employee.

    4. Employee must continue to keep Human Resources informed of their medical status and must provide copies of any notes provided by medical providers.  This correspondence and submission of documents is to occur via email through the Workers’ Compensation mailbox identified above.

    5. In order to return to work, employee must provide documentation from a medical provider that they are medically cleared to do so.  This medical clearance may be with or without restrictions and must state this clearly. Please be aware that submission of this documentation does not clear the employee to return to work. Clearance from Human Resources is still required.
      • Human Resources will review medical documentation.
        • If the medical documentation provides clearance to return to work with restrictions, Human Resources will discuss the restrictions with the employee’s department and will make a determination as to whether or not the restrictions can be reasonably accommodated.

    6. When a determination has been made that the employee may return to work, Human Resources will notify the employee and the department.
      • Please note that employees working in the transportation department will need additional clearance from the department before returning to active duty.

    Attendance and pay related to a workplace injury:

    Please be aware that the following information includes some generalizations of the Workers’ Compensation process.  Various collective bargaining agreements (BASA, BUSS, BPA, BUP, and PSP) may or may not contain additional provisions.  For specific questions relating to individual situations, please reach out to Human Resources at

    If an employee misses work due to a workplace injury, it is still their responsibility to follow all absence reporting requirements, including entering leave requests in WinCapWeb.

    • If employee has sick, personal, or vacation time available, approval of their WinCapWeb leave requests will keep them in full paid status through Monroe #1 BOCES. There will be no change to their normal paychecks.
      • If/when the Workers’ Compensation Board determines that the missed time is covered, a reimbursement check will be sent to Monroe #1 BOCES. At that time, some of the employees’ sick time will be credited back. The employee will likely not receive all their used sick time back, as Workers’ Compensation benefits are never any higher than 67%. Please be aware that this reimbursement will likely not occur until many months after the absence.

    • If employee does not have sick, personal, or vacation time available, a leave request for sick time should still be entered via WinCapWeb.
      • Department will disapprove the request for sick time and will enter a No Pay date on the employee’s attendance record.  Human Resources will monitor going forward and recode the attendance record if/when appropriate.
      • Monroe #1 BOCES will no longer be paying the employee.  Any compensation that is due to the employee will be paid directly through Monroe 2 BOCES.  Please be aware that this benefit will pay less than an employee’s normal rate of pay.  The maximum benefit is 67%.  Many times, the maximum benefit is not awarded.

    Worker’s Compensation does not pay for time missed until after the employee has missed work for seven calendar days (the date of the injury does not count in this total).