I understand BOCES’ has two retirement systems for their full time employees—the Employees’ Retirement System and the Teachers’ Retirement System. What is the difference?

Your position at BOCES will determine which retirement system you join.

The Employees’ Local Retirement System, also known as ERS, is a New York State retirement system for all non-certified staff members in positions such as Clerical, Teacher Aide, Bus Driver and Bus Attendant. It’s optional to join unless you are hired to work full-time, 12-months a year in an ERS accredited position.

The Teachers’ Retirement System is for certified staff only and members can be a Teacher, Associate Teacher, School Counselor and Nurse, etc.  It’s optional to join unless you are working full-time, 10-months to the end of the school year.

Each system has different tiers depending on when you joined the retirement system and the benefits vary for each tier. New hires enrolling now will be in Tier 6 for both ERS and TRS and you will need to contribute between 3%–6% based on your annual earnings.