Guidelines for Working with the News Media

  • Media guidelines help focus on two objectives:

    • Protecting the rights and interests of students and staff in Monroe One BOCES programs, and
    • Communicating with the public about BOCES programs, services, staff, and students.

    Monroe One BOCES communications through the news media should...

    • provide useful information about BOCES programs and services, budget, etc.,
    • recognize and reward the achievements of BOCES students and staff,
    • highlight the strength of BOCES curriculum and program development,
    • help constituents understand the value of cooperative education,
    • promote Monroe One BOCES programs and services

    All Monroe One BOCES staff share responsibility for following these news media guidelines:

    If a member of a news media organization contacts you:

    whether via phone, text, email, social media or in conversation in public, you are required to refer any media inquiry to the School-Community Relations Office at 585-383-2262, to respond to any questions about Monroe One BOCES programs or services or other BOCES employees. Do not confirm or deny or comment on any question from a reporter, even if you think it is ‘off the record.’

    If a staff member has a story suggestion for the media:

    Monroe One BOCES staff should first obtain approval from their principal or department supervisor prior to contacting the School-Community Relations Office at 585-383-2262. A request for media coverage should provide a clear explanation of the objective this communication effort will accomplish, so be sure to include key information, such as who, what, when, where, why and how.

    To facilitate media/newsletter coverage for programs, classroom/homeroom teachers should obtain—as early as possible—a copy of photo/name permission slips for students in special education or alternative education programs, regular classroom students who receive special education support service, and adult ESOL/TASC students. School-Community Relations personnel and/or a department supervisor will take responsibility for accompanying any media representative and/or photographer for as long as they are in the building.



    (Revised June 2018)