Optional Insurance Products

Aflac Supplemental Insurance Plans

  • Monroe One is exempt from New York State Disability. Therefore, you have the option of purchasing disability insurance through AFLAC along with several other options of insurance.

    • Sign up needs to be within 30 days of hire, or there is also an open enrollment in November each year.

    • AFLAC offers Short Term Disability, Personal Accident, Cancer Care, and Sickness/Hospital coverages (learn more in the Aflac Brochures below). 

    • This benefit enhancement is provided through payroll deduction over a 10 month period. Premiums will be deducted from each paycheck.

    • Once you sign up you must stay enrolled for the full year. If you were to leave BOCES within that election year, AFLAC would direct bill you at home.

    • The plan will automatically renew each year unless you notify AFLAC otherwise.

    • This information is an overview of coverages that are available to you. Please meet with the AFLAC agent to get specific information on each plan and the costs.
      To learn more or sign up, you must contact:

      Steve Platner

    • Should you set up a plan, your contract is between AFLAC and yourself; Monroe One only deducts the cost of the plan from your paycheck. 

Aflac Brochures

New York Life Insurance Offering

  • Employees can pay for a whole life insurance policy through New York Life if you sign up within 30 days of hire or at Open Enrollment. 

    You can purchase additional employee payroll deduction life insurance for yourself and your family members through New York Life. These policies are personally owned by you. If you are interested, please contact our agent directly.

    NY Life is also offering an Employee’s Whole Life Guaranteed Issue to all employees who have worked for Monroe One for 6 months or more and their family members.

    To learn more or sign up you must contact: 

    Melissa Siesto
    585-202-2202 (cell)

Long Term Disability

  • Some bargaining units may also offer Long Term Disability, so contact your union rep if you are interested.